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​We were kindly asked to answer that following questions coming from jackyswelt by . Well, I’ll answer that as honest as possible. But please keep in mind, that I’m not an English native speaker and I know, I have difficulties in expressing my feelings and opinions in that language. 

I often pointed out, that language does mostly not transmit the meaning, we want to send. And I’m pretty sure, this will be the case here. So, here is our first English post.

What is special about your life?

Life is Life. Every life and living being is special and unique and also worthless at the same time. In my experience, I observed a kind of mainstream, that does not really match my behaviour in some of the obvious important values of the people around me, when I was young. And finally I decided to keep my eyes opened and take consequences.

To whom would you say I love you to?

Well, my mind says: ‚Of course to every living being, since there is no inherent difference!‘ But my heart says: ‚Whaaat? Most of them are so mindless and ignorant and everything, that you are trying to work on! at least that earth destroying humans. And your baby is so sweet and your wife is so hot!…‘  Therefore, there is still no final answer yet. Developing my heart needs a lot more attention.

What would you like to be remembered for?

Honestly, for nothing. When I’m dead, I want my loved ones to go on. As that something in me that continues will. I’m not using the word ’soul‘. Of course, my ego wants to be whorshipped for years from people, I led to something helpful in their life. But you know what? That’s also worthless. Either the people were helped, or they forgot. There is nothing here to win, just to practice.

What is your plan on this earth, in this one precious life?

Plan? As I answered my Decan at university: ‚The next exam is the next challange.‘ It depends all on your priorities, which one is your next exam? Life will provide one more, every time. 

Precious life? Buddha told his followers, that we should use our current life to proceed. I think, if you don’t work on yourself and use that precious life as human being, capable of self reflection, it’s a missed chance. 

I’d like to have WhoAmI to answer that questions. And every reader is also invited to write answers.


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  1. Being viewed as kind of arrogant sometimes is a thing I’m overthinking, too. But then again, I believe that everybody who reads our posts is either already familiar with our style and likes it and everyone who doesn’t like it can always drop a hint or simply leave. At least I hope most got the thing about some well meant and well done criticism 🙂

    I get where you’re coming from with the „Where did this just come from?“-feeling. Sometimes when I’m writing a post, such as the „Steh auf Schwester“ post, I write and write without really thinking about it and suddenly it’s three hours later and I read it again and sit there all flustered where all of this came from. I like to imagine that it’s the heart and the mind in co-creation, where long surpressed thoughts rise to the surface and the heart jubilates because it’s finally on the surface.

    As with the comments, I really don’t get it. I thought it would be the Akismet Filter, but it isn’t. But there seem to be errors within the database sometimes, maybe that’s why. I’ll have a look at the db as soon as possible. Meanwhile I installed a new commenting plugin. Hope that helps… 😦 It looks like it’s filtering all comments from accounts but they don’t even show up in the spam section or anywhere else. It’s like they simply don’t exist. Akismet doesn’t have a whitelist where I could manipulate which comments from specific users have to go through, whether Akismet likes it or not.
    Is there a specific error or feedback from the system when you try to send a comment? It’s really frustrating. 😦

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  2. Yes, well, it’s not, that I don’t like English, but it was never the plan to write some English posts. Therefor, I felt the need to explain that.
    Thank you very much for your feedback. When I answer such questions, I always fear to look arrogantly enlightened. But there is a constant struggle between the mind and the heart. And I thought, that’s a great chance here to point that out.
    Thanks, sometimes I wonder about some phrases that came into my mind. Did I made them, or where have I got them? I like that one as well.
    Since I got you here, I still can’t write comments to your articles. I’m so sad about!
    KR toe

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  3. Great post, thank you so much! As Benjamin already mentioned, your English is perf! Though now I would think that it doesn’t actually matter answering them in English, but of course that was something that crossed my mind LATER.

    Anyway, your answers are such an inspiration, and I’ll admit freely, that I didn’t expect anything else 🙂 Especially „Developing my heart still needs lot more attention.“ struck right to the core, to be honest. Still don’t know why, but as I’m thinking about it, I’d say working on ones heart is some kind of constant work in progress, isn’t it?

    And secondly: „Either the people were helped, or they forgot. There is nothing here to win, just to practice.“ Those are two sentences I’ll definitely print and put them up for display right in front of my computer so I can’t ever forget. They help, a lot. So… thanks ❤

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  4. This would be a very nice thing to share with all the beings, who intend to live together in a community. Maybe not exactly these questions, but similar to them. Could us help to get to know each other.

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  5. I was sitting quite a long time with these questions. Not easy to answer them truthfully, maybe in ten minutes the answers would be different. 🙂 It always depends on whom you ask and who will answer.
    Person/Ego or Self/Consciousness

    What is special about your life?
    I don´t have a life, I am life. Like anybody else. So there is nothing special. What we call „our life“ is just a story, depending on our perception, shaped by our conditioning.

    To whom would you say I love you to?
    I would prefer really doing it, feeling it, not just saying.
    In the absence of person and thoughts, I truly can say, I love everybody/everything – recognizing the same inmost core in every being. The person – thinking – finds a lot of reasons why this person or that is not loveable … so you better not listen to the mind, just follow the heart.

    What would you like to be remembered for?
    Nothing. Please forget about me. 😉

    What is your plan on this earth, in this one precious life?
    There is a saying: „If you want to make god laugh, tell him about your plans.“ So I try just to go with what is coming. What I get is what I need. This is my experience.
    If there is one thing to achieve in this so-called life, it is to awaken to our true nature. So if you like – this is my only plan.

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  6. Love it and I think your English is fab. So many great and differnt views exchanged on your page,, and my own. I really love your Buddhist perspective and know how to read it. It is very humble and quite the opposite to what I wrote. Sehr bereichernd.

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